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Beauty in blue - still flying after twenty years

As a songwriter it is always great to hear that a song you've written long ago is still playing a role in someone's life. Yesterday I sang three songs, at a celebration of a good old friend. Of course one of my newest ones to be recorded by Sapiens Unlimited, and two songs I recorded two decades ago that she asked for: Beauty in Blue and Warm Hands -of my album Rush in the Woods. Beauty in Blue already obtained a very special meaning when I recorded it in 2004 right after my mothers's death, and a decade ago when I took the song back to Indonesia, to the tropical rainforest where she was born. It was translated into bahasa indonesia, we performed it in the Bogor Gardens and other stages and it was broadcasted on the radio for millions of Indonesians. A universal song about us longing for lightheartedness in times of trouble, about being stuck in a desparate darkness and discovering a radiant sign of hope, dancing in the light right in front of you. On Spotify:

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