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Sapiens Unlimited

Sapiens Unlimited is Heleen's new music project, inspired by the early history of humankind, and what is making us into who we are now.

Primate, thinker, storyteller, believer, adventurer, hunter, farmer, lover, inventor and more. Ten songs - ten stories will dive into these aspects and tell a compelling tale of an extraordinary species on an extraordinary planet, with recordings, live performances and new collaborations.


Concept, lyrics and music by Heleen van den Hombergh arranged in cooperation with Erik Rutjes, (to be) recorded live with Jeroen Vierdag, Marcus Olgers and Arthur Lijten in April 2024.

Performances can be booked from Spring 2024 onwards. 

Listen to the first sound sketches made by Heleen and Erik through the snippets below. Watch your volume....they start immediately!

More info App to +31- 623082239 or write to contact@

Farmers Lament (snippet)
Wherever He Set Foot (snippet)
Body Church (snippet)
A Human Hand (snippet)
Spy in the Screen (snippet)
Dance to Disappearance (snippet)
The Gorging Gene (snippet)

We hebben momenteel geen producten om weer te geven.

We hebben momenteel geen producten om weer te geven.

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