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Green Beat Performers is a not for profit foundation stimulating worldwide collaboration between musicians and environmental change-makers. By nature-inspired music performances,  acts and audiovisuals, it seeks to give inspirational impulses to a wide public, including companies, communities or decision-makers. Music projects in Indonesia, Brazil and Ghana have been carried out as well as concerts and workshops in the Netherlands.


Green Beat creates and offers:

(1) Cultural projects that highlight the beauty and values of nature areas

Examples: Pantanal Poetica (Brazil, Paraguay. Bolivia, Argentina), AtewaTillEternity (Ghana)

(2) Inspirational workshops, travels and debates on nature & sustainability with music as a major ingredient

Examples: Summer Workshop 2015 in Dutch Dunes, writing workshops at Ecolonie 2016 & 2017

3) Artistic performances at music and theatre stages, during cultural festivals, sustainability seminars, congresses, or workshops around the world

Examples: North Sea Jazz, World Conservation Congress, Tropenbos anniversary, National Theatre Ghana

4) Supportive audiovisual products to feature the artists & environmentalists in its network

Examples: Green Beat Meets....Gede Robi of Navicula, Jerry Espindola from Brazil or Obour from Ghana


Green Beat is an initiative started and directed by Heleen van den Homberg: singer-songrwiter and nature conservation advisor


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